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If you are looking for Hypnosis Brisbane, then there must be a problem which is adversely effecting your life. Natasha Howie is not only a Brisbane hypnotherapist, but she is also an NLP Master Practitioner which makes a very powerful combination. You will see from Natasha's extraordinary testimonials below, that she helps people to get outstanding results… fast. PLEASE NOTE: If you are selecting a practitioner for Hypnosis Brisbane, please make sure you get Natasha's ebook, Hypnosis Revealed, Valued At $37… Yours FREE! Click here for more information.

FAQ 1: How Does Natasha Help You Get Such Great Results?

The reason why Natasha is able to help people get such great results is that she digs deep within the unconscious mind to find the underlying cause of the problem… something that cannot be achieved byHypnosis Brisbane alone. Then, once the root cause of the problem has been addressed, Natasha uses hypnosis and other tools to help you re-create what it is that you do want to have happen in your life.

Hypnosis Brisbane

FAQ 2: What Problems Can Working With Natasha Help With?

Natasha Howie is an excellent diagnostician, which is why her Hypnosis Brisbane is so effective.  Often times "conditions" that people present with are not necessarily the true problem. To give you an example of this, Natasha once saw a 9 year boy whose mother told Natasha that his doctor and teachers had advised that her son had moderate to severe learning difficulties, and there was nothing that could be done to improve the boys situation, and his family just had to accept that the young boy would always be slower than the other children.  The mother had heard of Natasha's outstanding results, and brought the young boy to her as a last resort. Within the first 15 minutes of the young boys first consultation, Natasha has ascertained that the young boy was in fact very smart, however he did have reading difficulties due to dyslexia.  The mother sought further medical advice to confirm Natasha's assessment of the situation, and indeed, her son was dyslexic. This was life changing for the entire family. Hypnosis Brisbane with Natasha can help with many situations including (but not limited to): Addictions                                       Irritable bowel syndrome Alcoholism                                      Marital problems Memory Loss                                  Anger Nail biting                                        Anorexia Neurosis                                         Anxiety Nightmares                                     Asthma Pain control                                    Panic attacks Phobias                                          Compulsions     Confidence                                     Self-consciousness Exam nerves                                   Shyness Fears                                              Business performance Sport performance                          Habits and Behaviours Headaches and migraine                Stress High blood pressure                       Digestive Disorders Indigestion                                      Inhibitions Insomnia                                         Hypnosis for Weight Loss For a confidential, obligation free conversation with Natasha, call her on 0412 095 235 or contact her through the site here.

Hypnosis Brisbane FAQ 3: What Is Hypnosis?

In the most simplistic terms hypnosis can be described as an altered state of consciousness.  Most people think of Hypnosis Brisbane as being in a trance like state, but that’s not really an accurate description.  When you’re in a hypnotic state you are really in a super-relaxed state of mind where your conscious mind is so relaxed that you’re not thinking at all about normal everyday things.  Being hypnotized allows you to connect with your subconscious mind and pull up memories, experiences, and other events that played a significant role in your life or in your development. Usually a hypnotic state is induced by a trained hypnotherapist such as hypnosis Brisbane with Natasha, but you can learn self-hypnosis.  If you are going to try self hypnosis fit is best to get a professional to start the Hypnosis Brisbane and then if they work for you learn how to hypnotize yourself so that you can continue the practice on your own as you wish. While you are in a hypnotic state Natasha will create what is called a hypnotic suggestion. The hypnotic suggestion is what requests that your subconscious begins to change. So for example if you are being hypnotized to help you deal with a junk food addition, a hypnotic suggestion telling your brain that you no longer need junk food,  combined with other hypnosis techniques for the withdrawal symptoms should assist greatly with creating a stronger relationship to food.  Your body will no longer crave it once you have detoxed, and after a hypnotic suggestion telling you that you don’t need the junk food your mind won’t be convinced that you can’t function with it. Hypnotic suggestions aren’t an easy fix to medical problems, and many times using hypnosis to help requires several sessions in order to be fully effective. There is a growing amount of evidence that suggests that using hypnosis to treat the kind of conditions that have psychological components, can be a highly effective way to help an individual create lasting changes in his or her life that will improve health and wellness.

FAQ 4: How Long Will It Take To Make An Appointment With Natasha?

Natasha currently has a 10 day waiting list, so please contact us immediately for a discussion of your needs to avoid disappointment. Contact us for further information about Natasha's Hypnosis Brisbane and NLP services, or see the following pages: Hypnosis For Weight Loss Brisbane Sales Courses Brisbane Motivational Speaker Brisbane Stress Management Course


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