Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Beyond Hypnosis For Weight Loss
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The hypnosis for weight loss program is designed to give you fantastic results in just 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

Each audio has a video introduction with Natasha,

Beyond Hypnosis Revealed Video
Introduction to hypnosis
Debunking in the myths
Beyond hypnosis – How the subconscious mind codes information… the simple truths that 99% of hypnotherapists do NOT even understand – let alone reveal.
Will your subconscious mind respond to this program? Do this simple test to see if it will work for you.

Creating Your Ideal Body – 7 minute introductory video explanation & 33 minute hypnosis audio. 
In the introductory video, Natasha will explain how to use the creating your ideal body audio, the science behind how it works, and the ONE critical success factor that NO OTHER HYPNOTHERAPY program on the planet will tell you about achieving stunning results. (And it’s super fun too!)
In the power-packed creating your ideal body…beyond hypnosis audio, Natasha will guide you to use the unique codes of your own subconscious mind to create your ideal body… not only as how it looks and feels, but also how it functions, burns fat, digests food, utilises oxygen,  metabolises and releases uplifting natural neurochemicals.
You will easily and effortlessly re-pattern your unconscious mind to:
Create your body the way you want it to look and feel
Breathe more effectively to flush your body with fat-burning, high energy  oxygen
Transform your relationship to food, so that you enjoy nourishing, healthful and life giving foods which make you feel full, satiated and release natural endorphins which make
Speed up your metabolism
Improve your digestion
Create greater motivation to exercise
Embed your ideal weight deep within your unconscious mind

Removing Roadblocks To Weight Loss – 7 minute introductory video explanation & 33 minute hypnosis audio. 
99% of hypnosis programs work through hypnotic suggestions alone and  DO NOT address the emotional and psychological causes of weight gain, nor do they actually go into the subconscious mind and remove what is stopping you from achieving your ideal body.
This means that these sabotage patterns can re-surface at any time… and what is worse is that they can rear their ugly heads with greater force!
Removing these roadblocks using Natasha’s simple yet powerful method could be the most liberating experience you have ever had, and will have positive effects on all areas of your life.
In this 33 minute hypnosis/NLP audio, Natasha will guide you to remove the roadblocks to weight loss that you are experiencing in your unconscious mind, to allow your body’s natural slimming and healing properties to work for you.
A Strong, Slim, SExy New You! 7 minute introductory video explanation & 33 minute hypnosis audio. 
As you begin to listen to the hypnosis audios and experience it’s power,  you will quickly realise that Natasha’s program is far more than hypnosis for losing weight.  It is about creating a strong, sexy, empowered and more energised you!… The BEST YOU that you can be!
In the strong, sexy , amazing new you hypnosis audio, Natasha will take you on a journey deep into your unconscious mind where your highest potential and greatness exists.  From this extraordinarily powerful place, you will reconstruct your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about how others see you, and your beliefs about life from the level of pure truth.
This amazing journey will help you see how perfect you really are, how much you are loved, how much you are supported, and how life wants to give you more than what you could ever possibly imagine for yourself.
At this level, you will discover true self esteem, your extraordinary wisdom, and a level of love and connection that you have never experienced before.
Creating Your Ideal Body Worksheet
Turbo charge your hypnotherapy results by using this guided worksheet to write down what your ideal body will be like.  By writing it down, it will make the results happen even faster for you!

Natasha About Natasha

At the tender age of 22, Natasha experienced a major traumatic event. Because of the intense emotional pain she suffered from this event, Natasha was completely driven to understand exactly how the mind worked, and why people behaved the way they did. When Natasha completed her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner qualification, it was a turning point in her life, and she was able to use the tools and techniques she had learned to set her mind free from the pain and suffering of that event.
What Natasha understood about the mind... particularly the subconscious and superconcious mind was astounding...


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