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Hypnosis Revealed by Natasha Howie gives you a thorough understanding of hypnosis and what it can do for you.  
Plus Natasha gives you a good guide on self-hypnosis, choosing the right hypnotherapist and much, much more as you will see below in the table of contents…


Introduction    4
What is Hypnosis?    5
Can Everyone be Hypnotized?    6
Stage Hypnosis    7
How Stage Hypnotists Fool Their Audiences    8
The Tricks That Stage Hypnotists Use    9
Stage Hypnosis Vs. Hypnosis for Health    10
The Top Ten Benefits of Hypnosis    11
The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis    13
1. Will I still be in control of myself?    13
2. Am I surrendering my free will if I get hypnotized?    13
3. Can I be hypnotized without my consent?    14
4. What happens if I can’t come out of hypnosis?    14
5. Can I hypnotize myself?    14
6. Does hypnosis work on children?    15
7. Is hypnosis a legitimate treatment option?    15
8. How many problems can I cure at once using hypnosis?    15
9. Do I need to see a hypnotherapist more than once?    16
10. Is hypnosis safe?    16
Types of Hypnosis    16
Traditional Hypnosis    16
Ericksonian Hypnosis    17
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)    17
Hypnosis Treatment for Physical Conditions    18
Hypnosis and Pain Relief    19
Hypnodermatology    21
Hypnosis and Sleep Disorders    22
Hypnosis and Psychotherapy    23
Psychological Conditions that are Commonly Treated with Hypnosis    24
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking    25
Hypnosis for Weight Loss    26
Hypnosis for Eating Disorders    27
Hypnosis for Migraines    28
Hypnosis for Anxiety    29
Hypnosis for Stress Related Illnesses    30
Hypnosis for Depression    31
Going to a Hypnotherapist vs. Self-hypnosis    32
Ten Questions to Ask a Hypnotherapist    33
1. How Long Have You Been Practicing?    33
2. Where Did you Study/ Get Certified?    34
3. What Experience Do you Have Working With _________ Issues?    34
4. What is Your Process?    35
5. How Many Sessions Will I Need?    35
6. How Much Does it Cost?    36
7. Do You Teach Self-hypnosis?    36
8. What Products Do You Sell?    37
9. What is Your Success Rate?    38
10. Do You Ask Clients to Do Homework?    38
Tips for Finding a Hypnotherapist    39
What to Expect in a Hypnotherapy Session    39
Self-Hypnosis    40
Five Most Common Self-Hypnosis Mistakes Beginner’s Make    41
Tips for Creating Hypnotic Suggestions    42
Basic Self-hypnosis Techniques    43
The Stairs    43
The Bridge    44
Tips for Self-Hypnosis    45
Conclusion    46

Natasha About Natasha

At the tender age of 22, Natasha experienced a major traumatic event. Because of the intense emotional pain she suffered from this event, Natasha was completely driven to understand exactly how the mind worked, and why people behaved the way they did. When Natasha completed her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner qualification, it was a turning point in her life, and she was able to use the tools and techniques she had learned to set her mind free from the pain and suffering of that event.
What Natasha understood about the mind... particularly the subconscious and superconcious mind was astounding...


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