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Quiz – Are You Reliable?

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We all value those friends who are reliable. It also applies to family members. We do not respect anybody who is not reliable.


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We all value those friends who are reliable. It also applies to family members. We do not respect anybody who is not reliable. He/she has lost our trust. In every relationship, trust is of primary importance. If you cannot rely on me, what use am I as a friend? What about you? Are you reliable? Can your friends and family members trust you? Why not quiz yourself and find out?

What do we understand by being reliable? That means that if I give a word, I will keep that. I will not break the promise and give excuses to defend myself. To be reliable is a great asset, because then others can depend on us. That increases our respect and our esteem. Does any body respect those who are not reliable?

How to become reliable? The first step towards becoming reliable is not to promise what we cannot do. We sometimes make promises because we don’t want the other person to feel bad. But after we break the promise, we not only lose his/her trust but can also be responsible for damaging their interests. You need some quick funds for a short time and I promise you that I shall give you tomorrow. I fail. In the meantime, you had finalized an order thinking that I would give the funds. What shall happen to your order? You would lose your credibility. Rather if I had told you that I would not be able to do it, initially you might feel bad, but your interests will not be hurt.

The first requirement is not to promise what I we cannot deliver. The second step is to deliver what ever we promise under all circumstances. Once we establish our reliability, every body will realize that when we say no, that means no and when we say yes, that will be done. Quiz yourself about these and find out how reliable you are.

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