How To NOT Reach Your Goal And Be Happy At The Same Time

  Recently, I had someone asking me the following question: “I'’m a happy person, but I want to achieve a lot of things like confidence in being around with people etc. If I try to achieve these other things like confidence, it will affect the happiness I’m trying to achieve. How can I involve these things into my goals and yet be happy at the same time?” It took me a while to … [Read more...]

How To Maximize Personal Development By Instantly Stopping Mental Spam

How To Maximize Personal Development By Instantly Stopping Mental Spam Word Count: 887 Summary: Did you know that the one solitary reason why people fail in their personal development efforts is because they allow their own belief systems to get in the way? You will find people who say that there were circumstances beyond their control that made them have to step away from their self … [Read more...]

How To Manifest Your Own Destiny And Create A Wonderful Life

Would you like to know how to manifest your own destiny? There is a definite truth to the motto "You can do whatever you can put your mind to". Anybody who has effectively manifested a goal starts with an awakening thought which fuses into a desire and then through focus, devotion and persistence have realized their desire into reality. Here are the first four steps you need: Step 1: Write … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Personal Brand Sizzle

How To Make Your Personal Brand “Sizzle” Word Count: 569 Summary: Many entrepreneurs hate selling. The trouble is you can’t have a business if there are no sales! So what would it be like if you didn’t have to sell yourself at all? There’s an old marketing mantra that says, “It’s not the sausage that sells, it’s the sizzle.” What would it be like if you and your personal brand had so much … [Read more...]

The Power Of TODAY

Natasha Namaste

Recall the last sporting game you attended. Where you the player or the spectator? There'’s a stark difference between the two. Players live IN the game, experiencing an adrenaline rush and living every moment in constant focus, drive and passion. They make things happen, exerting consistent actions committed to a goal. Despite the risk of winning or losing, players are fully … [Read more...]

How to Make More Time for Giving

How to Make More Time for Giving Word Count: 294 Summary: Are you so busy that there seems to be no time at the end of the day to give to others? It might be the result of not knowing your life purpose. Keywords: giving, volunteer, donate, give, volunteering, time, help, purpose, life Article Body: Do you have a desire to spend more time giving to others but you don't know … [Read more...]

How To Make Balanced Environmental Ethical Decisions Not Fanatical And Not Ingorant

How To Make Balanced Environmental Ethical Decisions? (Not Fanatical And Not Ingorant) Word Count: 658 Summary: Majority of us are hesitant to become aggressive environmental activists. We have our own occupations and activities that consume most of our time. At the same time, environmental ethical considerations (especially those linked to global warming) can not be ignored anymore. How … [Read more...]

How To Magnetize Your Desires With Imagination

How To Magnetize Your Desires With Imagination Word Count: 505 Summary: Everything is spirit. Everything! It is all energy and consciousness. What does the Law of Attraction have to do with this? How does success come about by becoming aware of the Law of Attraction and its principles? Using The Imagination To Control Your Thoughts The imagination is a fascinating, powerful place. … [Read more...]

How To Lose Weight With The Law Of Attraction

How To Lose Weight With The Law Of Attraction Word Count: 637 Summary: The law of attraction states that like attracts like. This means that whatever you are thinking and feeling on a deeper level, you will attract. You can think of it as your subconscious beliefs and programming. If you are finding yourself overweight and wanting to get in shape, then start to examine your deep beliefs … [Read more...]

How To Live Stress Free By Saying NO

How To Live Stress-Free By Saying “NO” Word Count: 502 Summary: We all know the adage, “A mother’s work is never done.” In fact, this could become a modern-day mother’s theme song since we all have overbooked schedules and everybody wants something done yesterday. We teach our children from a young age that it is impolite to say the word, “No,” which was a lesson we learned in … [Read more...]

How To Listen To Your Angels

How To Listen To Your Angels? Word Count: 786 Summary: You can feel protection and safety. You can sense the answer to a question that is bothering you but you haven’t even verbalized. You feel like you are being given messages and chances to follow a certain path. When you feel comfort in trying times or a sense of happiness when you are sad, you may be feeling the power and presence of … [Read more...]

How To Know If You Are Stressed Reading The Signs

How To Know If You Are Stressed; Reading The Signs Word Count: 473 Summary: Today’s world surely produces more stressed out people than in decades past. The growing demands of family, career, and finances converge to render us overwhelmed by stress. How to know if you are stressed varies depending on the person involved. What may produce stress for one person may be just considered typical … [Read more...]

How To Kill Procrastination With Your Purpose

How To Kill Procrastination With Your Purpose?! Word Count: 362 Summary: Are you a perfectionist? Let me reveal to you this important fact… Perfectionism can hinder you from achieving excellence at anything you do. Usually, Perfectionists are procrastinators. They don’t start unless everything is just perfect. They don’t even finish a task. They keep on delaying and putting it aside … [Read more...]

How To Keep It Together When You Have ADD

How To Keep It Together When You Have ADD Word Count: 397 Summary: When you have ADD, one thing you're probably not great at is keeping your living space together. You might have piles of stuff everywhere, including laundry, which is all over the floor of the bedroom. We know what we need to do, but just can bring ourselves to do stuff that's boring. Looking around at the mess can get a … [Read more...]

How To Jump Start Your Confidence Immediately

How To Jump-Start Your Confidence Immediately Word Count: 1073 Summary: Remember the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt? She once said that “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Actually grasping this concept alone will be your most valuable asset on your journey to confidence…remember it is a journey not a destination. Confidence is a key when it comes to success and reaching … [Read more...]

How To Instantly Learn Apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model

How To Instantly Learn & Apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model Word Count: 890 Summary: Cognitive behavioral therapy has a lot of research behind it. Because of this very large call for cognitive behavioral therapists to work from government administered health services. This article will briefly cover the cognitive behavioral therapy model so the reader can apply it to any life … [Read more...]

How To Improve Your Life With Easy Meditation Techniques

How To Improve Your Life With Easy Meditation Techniques Word Count: 639 Summary: Nowadays, the easy meditation techniques can be considered almost essential, if wanting to relax and to detach from stress. We all tend to get caught up in tensioned environments, be it the case of professional or personal ones and forget how to spend quality time and how to basically rediscover ourselves and … [Read more...]

How To Improve Short And Long Term Memory Some Simple Exercises

How To Improve Short And Long Term Memory - Some Simple Exercises Word Count: 552 Summary: Learning how to improve short and long term memory is a common quest for many people journeying along the path of self improvement. As you read through the whole of this article, with attention to detail and without skimming, you will discover some simple but effective tips. You will also discover … [Read more...]

How To Identify Stress And Anxiety

How To Identify Stress And Anxiety? Word Count: 491 Summary: Every human being is an emotional being. The levels of emotions may be high or low. But when that level is disturbed, you have stress and anxiety. The dividing line between these two negative tendencies is very thin. Your anxiety may be due to stress or your stress may be due to anxiety. Every stress and anxiety has a root cause … [Read more...]

How To Hypnotize People

How To Hypnotize People Word Count: 306 Summary: Have you ever been to a show where the hypnotist makes people do incredibly embarrassing or shocking things? Ever wished you were in that powerful position? Well, you can learn how to hypnotize people with a few simple tricks. The place to start learning how to hypnotize people is in the brain. The brain is divided into the conscious and … [Read more...]

How To Hypnotize The Techniques

How To Hypnotize - The Techniques Word Count: 466 Summary: The induction is the process that helps people go into a state of hypnosis, where they will be more susceptible to suggestion, and where their unconscious mind will take messages onboard. People choose to go into this state because they want to achieve a certain change or improvement in a specific part of their lives, usually. … [Read more...]

How To Have More Time… A Few Tips

How To Have More Time... A Few Tips Word Count: 421 Summary: Time Management To get a better grasp on your productivity and success both at work and at home it is essential to learn some time management techniques. Effective Time management will help you better prioritize your day, helping to focus on the things that need to be done and seeing where you are wasting the most time. Each … [Read more...]

How To Handle Stress

How To Handle Stress? Word Count: 509 Summary: A friend popped this question to me- I'm tired of being sensitive and freaking out now and again with stress. I'd like to be able to work and sleep and do the other things i need to do with steady progress. It gets all messed up when I’m not steady. i get upset easily... then i lose my focus and balance... can't concentrate though i try to get … [Read more...]

How To Handle Hunger On A Fasting Day

How To Handle Hunger On A Fasting Day Word Count: 533 Summary: I’ve been fasting today. I do it four times a month and am seldom bothered by hunger (I’ll explain why later). But today was different and in the afternoon at around 5.00 PM I had “demon hunger” and couldn’t concentrate on some computer work that I was doing. I really felt like eating something! I contemplated taking some … [Read more...]

How To Handle Criticism

How To Handle Criticism? Word Count: 632 Summary: Criticism is difficult to handle. None of us likes to hear the bitter truth about our mistakes and inabilities. But we face Criticism in life everyday and cannot escape it. We also v others so we know that it is a two way street. How to handle Criticism? What To Do When We are Criticized? Listen to the criticism and before you react … [Read more...]

How To Go On When The Going Gets Rough

How To Go On, When The Going Gets Rough! Word Count: 717 Summary: There has never been a more opportune time to follow your heart and realize your dreams. However getting to the pot of gold is not always easy. It takes dedication, commitment and the willingness to do whatever it takes. So how do you go on when the going gets tough. When you have dug and toiled, day after day, week after … [Read more...]

How To Get Through Tough Times Spirituality Information

How To Get Through Tough Times - Spirituality Information Word Count: 980 Summary: Today turned out to be one of those textbook beautiful days. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing softly and the temperature is just right -- the perfect day. Even with all the challenges I have to face, I still look up at the sky and smile as the clouds chase one another across a "picture-perfect", … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Brainwave Meditation

How To Get The Most Out Of Brainwave Meditation Word Count: 817 Summary: Training yourself to make brainwave meditation work for you takes a bit of patience. But the rewards can be tremendous and well worth the effort. That is because of all the various meditation techniques, brainwave meditation combines traditional meditation disciplines with the science of monitoring and controlling … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination Word Count: 516 Summary: Being successful in life is everyone’s goal. But most of us fail to avail the golden chances and opportunities, life presents us. The major reason behind this is we become victims of procrastination. Procrastination is a synonym for laziness. We get so lazy sometimes that we think that we have a long time to accomplish the task, … [Read more...]

How To Get Anything You Want

How To Get Anything You Want Word Count: 763 Summary: Success, simply defined, means getting whatever you want. However simplistic that definition may be, most people would agree that a person who is successful in a certain field or area is so because he or she has managed to achieve something specific, and that something specific is a target or object which he or she had been wanting or … [Read more...]


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