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If you are looking for Sales Courses Brisbane, Sales Courses Sydney or Sales Courses Melbourne,  then get ready to explore a sales course like no other…. Using conversational hynosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Natasha Howie's sales courses will give you the tools you need to immediately skyrocket your results….

The following video is a very extreme example of the power of conversational Hypnosis Brisbane to influence.  Watch Derryn Brown, Hypnotist,  in amazement as he uses blank pieces of paper to pay for items…

Of course, Natasha doesn't recommend that anyone use conversational hypnosis for conducting illegal activities.  The video is merely a demonstration. Conversational Hypnosis Brisbane can be extraordinarily powerful to transform your results for you and your sales team. Contact Natasha to discuss her conversational Hypnosis Brisbane and NLP sales coaching and training programs for individuals and businesses. Here is an example one of Natasha's tailored Sales Courses Brisbane which was conducted for a law firm:

1. Foundational Principals of NLP and Conversational Hypnosis Brisbane

And why it is used by professional athletes, Corporations and Sales Champions to rapidly accelerate their performance and success.

2. Harnessing The Power of the Subconscious Mind For Selling And Influencing

Discover how your subconscious mind codes information, and learn a powerful formula for creating your desired outcomes. You will also learn how others code information in their subconcious mind, and how to communicate with them in "their coding language" This one technique alone could rapidly increase your success.

3. The Secrets of Instant Rapport

Learn strategies which you can use immediately to gain rapport with your clients and colleagues – easily!

4. The Art of Effective Communication

  • Learn to read the signals and clues your customers are giving you! When you know what to look for and listen carefully, you'll have a whole new world of information opening up right in front of your eyes.
  • Using powerful questions
  • Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • Choosing your words – some words will make no impact – whilst some words can make a DRAMATIC impact
  • Learn how your clients would love to be sold to
  • Using NLP to motivate and inspire your customers
  • Effective negotiation – planning, process and techniques to obtain your desired outcome
  • Handling all objections before they arise

5. The Power Of StoryTelling

How to create mesmerizing stories and scripts to completely engage your customers at every part of the sales process.

6. Effective Time Management

Why 90% of sales people fail to create successful time management habits and the secrets to how the successful 10% do. The power of developing laser focus to improve your results and optimise your use of time. Contact Natasha to discuss how conversational Hypnosis Brisbane and NLP sales coaching and training programs can assist you. Please note that Natasha only conducts her conversational Hypnosis Brisbane for sales and influence training programs for people selling products and services who make a genuine difference to people's lives and/or the environment. For further information about Natasha's service offering,  see the following pages:

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Natasha About Natasha

At the tender age of 22, Natasha experienced a major traumatic event. Because of the intense emotional pain she suffered from this event, Natasha was completely driven to understand exactly how the mind worked, and why people behaved the way they did. When Natasha completed her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner qualification, it was a turning point in her life, and she was able to use the tools and techniques she had learned to set her mind free from the pain and suffering of that event.
What Natasha understood about the mind... particularly the subconscious and superconcious mind was astounding...


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