Biggest Quarter Ever (during a recession)
& Becoming #1 In Our Field

Having run our promotions and events business for several years we were suffering challenges with revenue, cash-flow and ingenuity during a recession – in fact we were going backwards very fast. I contracted Natasha to assist turning around our organisation particularly in relation to the marketing, sales and people strategy.

Within a few weeks of working with the organisation, Natasha identified the core challenges we were facing and put together a plan on how to address them. We developed a key business, marketing, sales and people plan and most importantly Natasha played a key role ensuring they were executed.

Within 3 months the organisation had shifted from going backwards to producing the biggest quarters in the company’s history and became the number 1 organisation in our field.

It was an astonishing turn around largely due to the skill, ingenuity and incredible productivity of Natasha.

Greg Klopper, Global1Events www.Global1Events.com

 Beat Liver Cancer

I was only 20 yrs old when I got the bad news that I was sick with a tumour of the liver and if that wasn’t bad enough my baby was only 3mths old and I couldn’t be with him as I was spending all my time in hospital for treatment…

February 2004 was when my life took a change for the better – I met Natasha through a friend. We talked about my health and my family – I wanted be able to be a full time mum and a loving wife –  because of my illness my partner and I had been together for almost 6yrs and still hadn’t been able to have our dream wedding…

Natasha showed me the power of visualisation and what it can manifest in our lives if we can believe and strive towards them.. I wrote down a date and time when I imagined my doctors telling me that I was cancer free and a set a date fro when my partner and I would be married.. I visualised this almost everyday and would meditate on my thoughts of this every spare minute I got.

It is now 2008 and have been cancer free for almost 3 years and I did have my dream wedding!

The dates that I wrote down in my diary are so frighteningly close to when they actually happened that everytime I read over them I get goose bumps up my spine..

I have no doubt in my mind that if it were not for Natasha and NLP I would not be here today…

Sabrina C, very happy stay at home Mum and Wife

From $10K/Q to $300K/Q in Just 12 months…

Being a young business owner is often overwhelming, risky and confusing.  I was looking for ways to expand and better my company’s customer service and really help to find our identity.  I contracted Natasha to assist with the process, and we set to work straight away.

After a few meetings and activities, Natasha knew exactly what was needed and set about implementing it straight away.  After only a few months of involvement Natasha successfully helped me turn my business around and start hitting the goals that we were striving for.

Just over one year since Natasha’s involvement, we have a very successful Australia wide company that is known in our industry as being a leader… with the ASX in our sights as a future goal.

Natasha is truly the no crap, no fuss go getter that will help you make even your wildest dreams come true I would recommend Natasha to every business as a must have influence!

Simon Frew, Debt Busters

Saved My Marriage

Life had become hectic since I had opened my business and my personal life has taken the biggest hit…especially my marriage.  I believe without Natasha’s guidance my marriage would not have survived.  Natasha has helped me rediscover myself helping me resurface my old self.

By reminding me of how important it is for my own being to live without expectations and to love unconditionally.  It took me a while to grasp this concept but when I embraced it, my life took a completely different direction.  My life has become emotionally richer.  My energies have shifted from tired and stressed to peace and love with a positive optimistic life outlook.  My husband and I are now building bridges and working together towards getting our relationship back to where it was.

Sharon P, Business Owner

Bought my Beach Front Property Within 5 months After Being Close to Financial Ruin…

I first met Natasha in May 2007. It is a meeting which has changed my life but more importantly the way I think.

I was probably at the lowest point in my career and my self esteem when you reached out with a life line and showed me how I could turn my life around. No it did not happen over night and there has been much soul searching and tears.

Today after being close to financial ruin I have managed to purchase a beach front property (within 5 months of meeting you) and my career has become more structured.

Natasha, thankyou for believing in me. You are an angel.

Elizabeth D, Business Owner

Started My Dream Business

Working with Natasha enabled me to clarify my desired goal and move toward its attainment by following clear, manageable steps outlined at each meeting. As resistance and fear were identified processes were put in place to enable their easy dissolution. 

A bonus of working with Natasha was the increased ease,confidence and sense of achievement that came from being focused and organised with a workable plan. My aim was to start a small home based business and although still in its infant stages without Natasha’s support and guidance it would not exist.

Sandy M, Business Owner


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