Your Voice Print

Your Voice Print

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When you leave a voicemail message for someone, it is your “voiceprint.”

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Mountains are built one pebble at a time and climbed one step at a time.” This is a quote of mine that I personally put into practice each day as I progress towards fulfilling my WHY in life.

The word pebble in this quote means that each action you take needs to be productive toward building your mountain of success. As I was retrieving a message today from someone who called me, I had to play the message 5 times to finally understand the phone number he left for me to call him back. We have always heard the smallest things – the pebbles – in life are the most important. Well, this week’s tip from me is the importance of the quality of your phone messages, which I call your voiceprint.

When you leave a voicemail message for someone, it is your “voiceprint.” It may sound a little crazy that my motivating tip for the week is “How to Leave a Message”, but I’ll bet that numerous people right now can relate to this. Everyone has had someone who called him or her and prior to calling them back they had a pre-determined feeling about the person before they even spoke to them live. The key is to have positive energy and confident words. Words are your #1 tool that God has given you to produce a super abundant life. Energy means to speak with conviction and confidence in your tone when you leave your message. You need to picture the person retrieving your message and ask yourself,”Will your message make them listen or just press fast forward?”

The following tip alone will earn you a million dollars! When you leave your phone number, speak in 2 second increments leave the area code first, pause 2 seconds, then the next 3 numbers pause 2 seconds and finally the last 4 numbers. You need to practice this! I guarantee that you will see results right away when you put this tip into action. They will remember you as the person who actually spoke clearly and slowly enough that they were able to write down your message the first time they played it. As a person who receives numerous calls daily, I can tell you that I cannot understand the message or phone number in 8 out of 10 messages, nor can I determine WHO THE CALLER IS!

Remember this “pebble of action” is one of the most important. Due to technology, your “voiceprint” is becoming the first introduction you have to many people. Also, do not assume that the person you are calling knows it is you. Always state your name and the best number for the receiver to return your call. You need to leave a clear, precise message, which reflects who you are…a person who knows their WHY in LIFE!

Find your WHY & FLY!

John Di Lemme

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